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We deal in all types of home automation switches. Switches which work with router, without router, works with 220V AC current, 440V AC current, 9V DC current, 12V DC current, 48V DC current.

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All our switches are backed by six months warranty on functionality, so that, you can enjoy the comfort of home automation tension free.

Frequently asked questions

1What is advantage of your product?
Everyone has at-least one switch in there house, which they want to control remotely. For example, members of your house keep lights or fans on when leave room and you which if you were able to turn them off remotely, without bugging them. In such type of situation home automation can fulfill your wish. Another example could be your office where employees leave electrical appliances turned on when not in use and you want to control/ check things remotely. Home automation has many advantages because it can control and check electric and electronic appliances remotely.
2Can we control only one switch using iSwitch App?
No, you can control unlimited no of switches using iSwitch App.
3How many lights can I connect to one switch?
It depends on the energy consumption of light. For example, if you have a light which consumes less than 4 amps of electricity then you can use more than one light with switch of 10 amps capacity.
4How many members of the family can control appliances with there mobile?
When someone creates an account with iSwitch app, he can register switches bought, with his account. Now every member with whom you share the login id and password will be able to control the switches.
5Can we control switches without internet access?
Yes, you can control switch without internet access in offline mode.
6What is the price of one wifi switch?
Price depends on the type of switch you want. We have kept our pricing transparent. Price includes one time device cost and and small recurring cost for online functionality. Offline usage of switch is free for lifetime.
7Do you think home automation products are too costly?
Home automation switches are higher in price compared to old solutions. But, they allow us to have better control of our home appliances and thus saves energy. So, home automation products pay for them-self by saving energy and money. Also, these products provides you convince of controlling appliances from any where. Overall it provides you more advantages than what you pay for.

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